How Kleresca® Rejuvenation Skin Treatment induces collagen production by up to 400%

by Nicole Schaerer on July 14, 2020

How Kleresca® Rejuvenation Skin Treatment induces collagen production by up to 400%

Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation is an all-season treatment that leaves the skin revitalised, firm and glowing. Nothing added, just skin at its best.

What is Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation?

Previously only available at Dermatologists, Kleresca® Rejuvenation Treatment is unique in that it is a non-invasive technology which naturally improves your complexion and skin texture, without causing trauma to the skin. Instead of targeting to surface layer of the skin, Kleresca® penetrates at a cellular level to induce collagen production by up to 400%[1], reduce pore size and fine lines and improving overall skin texture and glow. 

How does Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation work?

This is a gentle, effective, and non-destructive treatment that uses fluorescent light energy (FLE) to stimulate the skin’s own rejuvenation process. Scientifically proven and recommended by dermatologists, this treatment improves the complexion and overall skin texture without causing any trauma. 

What are the benefits of Kleresca® Rejuvenation Treatment? 

  • Induces collagen production up to 400%
    Slows down signs of skin ageing
    Improves pore size, fine lines, and skin texture
    Suitable all year round, including summer

So, tell me how does it work?

The Kleresca® biophotonic platform offers non-invasive treatments for both therapeutic and aesthetic conditions using fluorescent light energy to stimulate the skin’s own biological processes and repair mechanisms.

The procedure requires two key items, a specially formulated gel and the Kleresca® LED light. The gel is applied to the skin and exposed to the light for at least nine minutes in a process called biophotonics. This activates the skin’s biological process, inducing a natural improvement in its overall quality and appearance.

Kleresca® Rejuvenation Before and After 

Kleresca® treatments can be done all year around, even in summer. The treatments are well-tolerated and have little to no downtime. Book a complimentary consultation with our skin therapists today to experience the Kleresca® difference!