Everything you need to know about lip injections

by The Laser Clinics Team on October 23, 2018

Everything you need to know about lip injections

Are you considering lip injections but are in the process of researching every detail about lip injection procedures?

As Australia’s most experienced cosmetic injections clinic we’re here to arm you with all the knowledge you need to make the informed and right decisions for you. It’s your looks, it’s your choice.

Let’s dive right into answering the most common lip filler questions.

What are lip injections?

Lip injections are made from a product called Hyaluronic Gel (or HA). HA is able to hold up to 1,000 times its own weight in water – making it extremely useful for hydration and anti-aging. For this reason, HA is an ingredient that’s promoted heavily on the labels of your skincare products. In a cream, HA can only do so much at the surface level of the skin. That’s where injectables come in. They can provide a much more effective and longer lasting result. HA is not only used in lip injections, but it’s also used for reducing the appearance and formation of wrinkles, restoring volume to cheeks and reducing those vertical lines at the side of your mouth.

Are lip injections safe?

Lip injections are an aesthetic treatment and as such should only be performed by qualified medical professionals. At LCA, it's about experience. Our team of experienced Doctors and Registered Nurses use the latest technology and facial analysis techniques, our team create a personalised treatment program for each and every client.

During your treatment the product will be taken from the sealed box. Everything is transparent. You will be able to see exactly what is going on and what is being used.

Top tip: Research your Cosmetic Injector and ask to see their before and after images.

Are lip injections painful?

Your experienced LCA Cosmetic Injector will ensure your treatment is best in class. Pain is extremely subjective and everyone has different thresholds, however, the cosmetic injectable products used contain anesthetic. Additionally, a topical numbing agent is applied to reduce any discomfort. Your injector will check in on your comfort levels throughout the lip injection procedure.

Top tip: For the gals, avoid booking your appointment a week before or the week of your period, as your pain sensitivity is heightened during this time.

What happens during a lip injection procedure?

Your complimentary consultation will begin with your LCA Cosmetic Injector will have a detailed discussion with you to gauge what your desired results are from the treatment. Your Cosmetic Injector will also go through your medical history to ensure it is completely safe to be able to carry out the treatment for you.

Once the consultation is complete, a series of before photos are taken which are kept in a completely confidential file and used as progress assessments with you and your Cosmetic Injector.

Next, the lips are cleaned thoroughly with a medical cleaning solution and then topical numbing cream is applied for up to 15 minutes to minimise discomfort. Once the cream has numbed the lips, the lips are once again cleaned, and the treatment process begins.

There are many different techniques that can be utilised to achieve your desired results so at this point your Cosmetic Injector will focus on the areas of your lips that you most want to improve.

During the treatment, it is always important to focus on a fluid breathing cycle in and out of your nose which aids in comfort levels. Once the treatment itself is complete, your Cosmetic Injector will clean the lips again and apply ice to help reduce any expected swelling.

Your Cosmetic Injector will provide you with full aftercare instructions and then book you in for a 1-2 week complimentary review in clinic.

Is numbing cream used when you get lip injections?

A topical anesthetic is offered to clients should they wish to numb their lips in preparation for the treatment. After around 10 minutes your lips will be numb enough to begin the treatment.

How do they look and feel the next day?

Lip injection results are visible straight away. You may experience some swelling and bruising for 1-5 days, however, this is completely normal after a cosmetic injectable treatment. During this time, an ice pack should be applied to the area to reduce any swelling/bruising.

Lumps and bumps are also common after having your lips treated which is why it’s important to ensure you attend your complimentary review. A complimentary post-treatment review is available to all injectable clients. It not only gives the Injector an opportunity to check in with the results of the treatment, but it also gives you, the client, an opportunity to ask any lingering queries you may have.

Lip injections before and after photos

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