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With our premium laser, skin and cosmetic treatments, Laser Clinics Australia has caught the attention of several online publications and media outlets. Browse our features below.


A guide to laser hair removal for every skin tone - Gritty Pretty

The silky hair-free skin of your dreams is a laser beam away – provided you use the right type of laser.


What exactly is fat freezing and who is it best suited for? - Beauty Heaven

Fat-freezing’ is the latest non-surgical phenomenon amongst celebs, and yes, it’s exactly as it sounds.

While the term fat-freezing is fairly self-explanatory, it’s still worth understanding exactly how it works if you’re considering the treatment.


Everything to know about tear trough fillers - Mama Mia

Tear trough filler is the treatment everyone is talking about - but what actually is it?


Glowing Skin Treatments - Beauty Heaven

If 2020 stole your glow, here are 3 non-invasive skin treatments to help you get it back.

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Cosmetic Injectables for Beginners - The Latch

Cosmetic injectables can be a mysterious topic. There are a lot of misconceptions about these procedures and how they work. Here's what you need to know...

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TV - The Morning Show

Considering getting laser hair removal this summer?

Watch this informing interview with Larry and Kylie as they sit with Doctor Jonathan Hopkirk from Laser Clinics Australia to discuss what laser hair removal is, the benefits of the treatment, and how to prepare for it.

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TV - TODAY Extra

Summer skin secrets with Laser Hair Removal

David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffries from the TODAY Extra show speak to Laser Clinics Australia Global Medical Director Dr. Jonathan Hopkirk about how best to protect your skin during the warmer months. Plus, the most effective professional skin treatments to treat pigmentation and acne.

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