It's about experience


Our team of experienced Doctors, Registered Nurses and cosmetic injectables experts are about amplifying what makes you, well… you.

Using the latest technology and facial analysis techniques, our team create a personalised treatment program for each and every client.

It's about experience
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  • Dr Jonathan Hopkirk - LCA Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Jonathan Hopkirk


    Dr Hopkirk is an Australian trained medical doctor who has completed a Bachelor in Human Anatomy and Structural Biology, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Dr Hopkirk has also obtained full certification in anti-wrinkle and cosmetic injectables.
  • Dr Vincenzo Floridia - LCA Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Vincenzo Floridia


    Dr Floridia holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree, and has over 30 years’ experience as a doctor in both Italy and Australia. Passionate about helping people feel great about themselves, he has been working in the world of cosmetic injections for almost a decade and is a member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Medicine.
  • Dr Deeksha Dhingra - Faraj - LCA Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Deeksha Dhingra


    .Dr Deeksha has over 14 years’ experience as a medical practioner. She specialises in non-surgical face lifts and rejuvenation treatments. She has a keen eye for detail and is committed to deliver high quality results to all her patients.
  • Dr Diana Eleftheriadi - Faraj - LCA Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Diana Eleftheriadi - Faraj


    Dr Diana Eleftheriadi-Faraj is a qualified medical practitioner and an internationally trained cosmetic physician with many years of medical experience across NSW. She has extensive anatomical knowledge and has undertaken rigorous cosmetic training.
  • Dr Jake Sloane - LCA Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Jake Sloane


    Dr Jake Sloane is a surgical trainee from the UK and qualified in cosmetic injectables in 2008. In addition to anti-wrinkle and basic filler treatments, Dr Jake specialises in treating the face a whole and uses advanced techniques such as liquid face lifts, chin, jaw and cheek augmentations.
  • Dr Nico Foley  - LCA Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Nico Foley


    Dr Nico Foley is a qualified Medical Practitioner with training in Surgery, Emergency and Internal Medicine, and extensive clinical practice in Science and Research. Her background in Emergency Medicine gives her a strong ethos of safety and trust, and will always put her patient’s needs first, from initial consultation throughout her treatment plan.
  • Dr Nikolas Davies - LCA Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Nikolas Davies


    Dr Nikolas Davies, known by his clients as Dr Nik, is a UK General Practitioner who has worked and trained in Medical Aesthetics for more than five years.
  • Dr Suzanne O'Brien - LCA Cosmetic Injector

    Dr Suzanne O'Brien


    Suzanne's medical qualifications include a bachelor's degree in Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics, and a master's degree in Public Health, and has over 10 years' experience working in a hospital environment.
  • Adriana Fitzgerald - LCA Cosmetic Injector

    Adriana Fitzgerald

    RN NMW0001339457

    Adriana has over six years of diverse experience as a Registered Nurse. After practicing in Nursing areas including surgical, theatre, medical, pediatrics and emergency, Adriana undertook extensive training as a Cosmetic Injector where she now performs advanced anti-wrinkle injections and dermal filler treatments.