How To Glowing Skin: Summer Glow Getters

by Laser Clinics Team on November 30, 2022

How To Glowing Skin: Summer Glow Getters

As we approach the end of Spring, it's time to refresh our skin and bring back the healthy glow we want for the warmer months. With more exposure to the sun during Summer, the skin may become dull and dry. Let your skin reflect the glow of Summer with a rejuvenating cosmetic skin treatment or two.

In this article, Laser Clinics Australia shares our top three skincare treatments for that skin-glowing summer look.

  • Rejuvenate your skin with Skin Needling.

Skin Needling, or Micro-needling, is a collagen induction therapy (CIT) that can help prepare your skin for summer. This Skin Needling treatment uses a device with numerous tiny needles to stimulate the epidermis and prompt it to produce more collagen and elastin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and making your skin look more youthful. 

This professional skin treatment from Laser Clinics can be done on the face and body, allowing you to feel confident to flaunt your skin during summer. 

  • Give your skin an instant glow with Microdermabrasion.

Another way to achieve glowing skin this summer is with Microdermabrasion. This skin treatment gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells in the upper layer of the skin, eliminating blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Laser Clinics uses crystal-free Diamond Microdermabrasion, ensuring safety for all skin types. With no downtime, this treatment can help you achieve glowing, summer-ready skin. 

  • Achieve flawless skin with BBL Hero (Broadband Light Therapy).

Primarily targeting sun-damaged areas across the body, BroadBand Light targets these areas with bright light pulses for noticeable results after just one treatment. This new breakthrough light-based technology offers different BroadBand Light (BBL) procedures that are easy, non-invasive and can address various skin concerns. 

From restoring radiance to healing and smoothing your skin, BBL Hero allows you to achieve clear, flawless skin ready to show off this summer.


With warmer weather on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you can get that perfect summer glow.  At Laser Clinics Australia, we offer tailored professional skincare treatments that are safe and effective. Our team of highly skilled and trained therapists can help you identify specific concerns and suggest a treatment plan based on your skin goals. Book your complimentary consultation today