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Trudy Chapman

RN NMW0002740546

I have five years of experience as a cosmetic nurse with the highlight of my career being when I won LCNZ injector of the year 2021. I would say I have a natural aesthetic look and I like to take into account personal attributes and careers when creating tailored treatment plans. My passion lies in balancing facial features and combating the signs of ageing with visible results. One of my favorite things to do is to look back on old photos of my long-term clients and assess their progress, often they look younger now than they did when they first came in to see me. I want my clients to walk out feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident in themselves.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing, and I have a background in primary health and nursing with the New Zealand Defense Force prior starting my injectable career. I recently moved from Auckland, New Zealand with my Partner and our two dogs. I initially became an injector because I was fascinated with what could be achieved with non-surgical treatments, however, the more I inject the more I love connecting with my clients and realize how they make my job so much more rewarding. Outside of work I am enjoying the Queensland weather and can usually be found out walking the dogs or reading a book.