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Lisa Sproule

RN NMW0001162675

Lisa graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Master of Nurse Practitioner Nursing Science in 2011.

Prior to undertaking this career path, she worked as a Registered Nurse across many specialty areas - from Emergency Medicine, ICU, Neuro, Rehabilitation, Palliative Care, Community Health, and Neurological and Neuromedical Nursing. With 38 years of experience in the Private and Public health systems in a variety of senior Clinical and Managerial Roles, Lisa is well placed to offer oversight and guide treatment for all levels of non-surgical cosmetic patients.

Lisa developed a passion for Aesthetics and Dermatology during General Practice and through her independent business development, leading her to gain skills and qualifications as an Advanced injector. Working within the positive and creative space of aesthetics is a main driver for her professional motivation and fulfillment, and aims to pass that on to each of her patients in the clinic.

With a dedication and commitment to excellence in patient care, patient safety, and the pursuit of the best aesthetic outcomes, Lisa combines her extensive clinical experience with a combination of creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative thinking. This results in a dedication to providing exceptional care to her patients and support for the teams she works with. Her passion for her craft and her patients is evident in every aspect of her work.

After her formal education and her foundational work in Emergency Medicine, General Practice, and Medical Aesthetics she developed a deep understanding of patient care and management. With years of experience in Emergency and General Practice, she is well-equipped to manage any clinical outcome required of her. She takes a collaborative approach to her profession, maintains a supportive clinical team environment, and offers mentorship with the value of ongoing education as a top priority.

In her spare time, she is a passionate mother, wife, and gardener with a love for all things creative. Always seeking out anything she can to fill her self-care cup.