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Eleanor Menadue

RN NMW0002066441

Eleanor's journey in nursing showcases a remarkable evolution, transitioning from surgical care to the intricate field of cosmetic aesthetics. Her dedication to providing safe, top-tier treatments reflects her commitment to professionalism and her clients' well-being. Eleanor's emphasis on quality and safety underscores her ethical approach to cosmetic aesthetics, prioritizing her clients' satisfaction and health above all else. Her blend of perfectionism and empathy creates a nurturing environment where clients feel understood and cared for, fostering a holistic approach to their treatment journey. By keeping her clients' best interests at heart, Eleanor ensures that each individual leaves her care feeling not only rejuvenated but also confident in their appearance and overall well-being.

Beginning her journey in 2017 on a bustling surgical ward in one of Adelaide's private hospitals, this provided her with a solid foundation in acute care and patient management. Her transition to assisting a plastic surgeon at a private day surgery further honed her skills, exposing her to the intricacies of cosmetic procedures and patient-centered care in a specialized setting. In 2022, Eleanor made the move to join laser clinics, signaling her entrance into the field of cosmetic aesthetics.