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Courtney Long

RN NMW0001348635

Courtney, a cosmetic nurse injector, with thirteen years clinical experience within the healthcare industry brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism to the cosmetic industry. Courtney embarked on her cosmetic journey nine years ago with Laser Clinics Australia, it is here that she has found her passion for facial aesthetics, facial rejuvenation and anti-ageing.  Courtney is a caring, responsible and skilled nurse with a reputation for building excellent rapport with patients.

Courtney prides herself on her eye for detail and extensive knowledge base which allows her to provide her clients with individualised cosmetic treatments. She has continued to learn in this ever-changing specialty and build upon her existing skills, committing to bettering herself to ensure that her clients receive the safest and up to date treatment techniques.

Courtney is a firm believer in natural beauty, she aims to help her clients accentuate their natural features, boosting their self-confidence, restoring youthfulness and making them feel the best version of themselves.