Claudia La Spina Injector.png

Claudia La Spina

RN NMW0002158386

Since joining the LCA team in 2021, Claudia has endeared herself to clients through her professionalism and gentle, caring nature. For many clients, committing to cosmetic injecting can be a difficult, nerve-wracking decision, which can only be made easier via consultation with an injector who is technically proficient, and who can establish empathy with the client’s needs. 

Graduating from Nursing in 2017, and holding a Graduate Diploma of Dermal Science and Cosmetic Injectables, Claudia is driven by her desire to honestly and ethically assist clients achieve their beauty goals.  Because Claudia also treats in Dermal Therapy and serves as a CoolSculpting consultant, she is uniquely placed to offer clients cosmetic injecting solutions that are in tune with their overall beauty goals, in the process, always striving to achieve natural, aesthetic results.