How do I know when it’s time to grow my team?


As a franchisee, it’s exciting to watch your business grow. But at the same time, deciding the right time to expand your team can be challenging to acknowledge. You may also worry about additional expenses when you hire more people. Before making a crucial decision, we share three signs to consider that may tell you it’s time to grow your team:


1. Customer service is slipping.


A high level of customer service is one of the essential factors of success in a franchise business in Australia. However, if you start receiving customer complaints, refund requests, and poor feedback from the quality services, it’s a sign to hire more people. 

Your customers are familiar with the franchise services and products. They might feel disappointed if you’re consistently not delivering the expected customer service, and if this continues, your business may suffer. Adding new team members can help meet the client’s expectations and maintain or gain loyal customers. 


2. You and your team are burned out.


If your team members are making mistakes frequently, taking unexplainable absences or sudden resignations, it can be a warning sign that your team is exhausted and there’s too much work for them to handle.

When everyone is at capacity, it might be time to grow your team. Franchisees should pay attention to this problem and avoid missing out on new opportunities to gain more clients and grow their business. 


3. You're experiencing rapid business growth. 


Choosing the right franchise opportunity and your hard work are essential factors in having rapid business growth. However, there is only so much you can do with the team you have. 

If you have noticed an increased demand on your business, additional products or new services or need someone with a specific skill, this indicates you need to grow your team to keep up with your growing business.


Hiring employees is challenging enough, so it’s important to look for a franchise business for sale that offers ongoing support and training for your staff. At Laser Clinics Australia, we provide our partners with training programs, operations support and tools to ensure you have everything you need for a successful business. Enquire about our franchise today. 

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