Which Cosmetic Grade Peel is right for you?

by Nicole Schaerer on March 15, 2022

Which Cosmetic Grade Peel is right for you?

Everyone has unique skin concerns and goals. You might be concerned about age spots, freckles, acne scars, large pores or other skin discolouration. And, if you’re looking to repair and polish your skin, these professional Cosmetic Grade Peels can be the solution for you.


How does Cosmetic Grade Peels work?

Cosmetic Grade Peels re-surface the very top layer of the skin, smoothing out lines, evening skin tone, decongesting pores (depending on the type of peel that you use) and ensuring the skin is left feeling lighter and brighter.

Here’s a range of Cosmetic Grade Peels suitable for various skin types and concerns: 

AHA Enzyme Peel: Best for Dry skin

Our AHA Enzymatic Peel is designed to renew and restore the skin while soothing, hydrating and micro-exfoliating dry, flaky skin. This is a gentle micro-exfoliation treatment to smooth and hydrate the skin surface.

Peel Accelerator: Best for Acne-prone skin

This peel renews, brightens and smooths the skin while providing antibacterial support and improving hydration. The Peel Accelerator has excellent results for those who have acne-prone, congested skin.

Ageless Peel: Best for Ageing, sun-damaged skin

The Ageless Peel, also known as the retinoic-acid peel, works to reduce the appearance of the visible signs of ageing and sun damage. This revolutionary peel works deep within the skin, encouraging healthy new cell production resulting in a revitalised, smoother and radiant complexion.

Purple Peel: Best for Skin Pigmentation and acne

The Purple Peel is an intensive skin peeling system designed to accelerate skin regeneration and resurfacing. This peel solution penetrates deeply into the skin to increase cell turnover, perfect for targeting pigmentation and acne.

Is there downtime for Cosmetic Peels?

AHA Enzymatic Peel: No downtime. You may wear light mineral make-up immediately after the treatment.

Peel Accelerator and Ageless Peel treatments: Minimal downtime. Your therapist will recommend aftercare home treatment for 3-5 days to aid your healing process.

Purple Peel: 7 to 14 days downtime. You might experience redness, slight swelling and flaking for at least two weeks.  We recommend the LED Yellow Light Therapy together with this treatment to reduce inflammation and accelerates wound healing.


At Laser Clinics Australia, we understand each patient's skin concerns. Our highly-trained team of therapists can help identify your concerns and tailor a treatment plan based on your skin goals. Book a consultation today to determine the most suitable cosmetic grade peel for you.