When Bad Skin Happens to Good People

by Laser Clinics Team on February 05, 2020

When Bad Skin Happens to Good People

Acne is the most common skin condition we see and it’s experienced by all skin types at all ages and stages of life. Thanks to the #acnepositivity social-media movement, there’s a growing community of people, including influencers and celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Justin Bieber, and Brie Larson, who are out and proud about their breakouts, sharing candid, filter-less selfies and calling out their imperfections in a move towards acceptance and owning their skin. Yet there are countless problem-skin sufferers who feel anything but positive; withdrawing and isolating themselves socially, hiding under a cloak of heavy makeup, and feeling increasingly more anxious in general.

Fortunately, treatment options improve as fast as technology will advance them. The future of problem skin is truly looking brighter; treatment options are becoming less invasive and more effective in the long term. One such option is Kleresca®. Once only available with a referral to a dermatologist, our professional salon network has seen truly transformative results since we started offering these treatments to our clients.


How Kleresca® Works



This LED-powered technique transforms the blue light commonly used to treat acne into Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE) in a quick and non-invasive treatment with limited, if any, downtime. When paired with a photoconverter topical gel applied to the skin, the FLE is able to penetrate different layers of the skin in order to kill off bacteria and reboot it into healing and repair mode. Unlike many other more invasive acne treatments and medications, our Kleresca® Acne Treatment doesn’t leave the skin sun sensitive so you can undergo treatment at any time of year. We’ve also used this particular Kleresca® treatment to deal with other acne-afflicted areas, like the back, with great results.


Two (other) Ways Kleresca® Can Help Your Skin


Acne aside, we’ve seen incredible results with clients wanting to address different concerns such as rosacea. Acne’s close sibling, rosacea makes itself visible in the skin by first looking irritated and sensitive, then angrier, with a tricky-to-treat mix of patchy breakouts of pimples and/or pustules (generally on the cheeks and around the nose) and dryness in others. If left untreated, rosacea only worsens over time. However, a course of our Kleresca® Rosacea Treatment will treat and improve the myriad effects that this condition has on the skin. Not only have we seen visible improvements in redness, irritation, and breakouts but in the way our rosacea-afflicted clients feel about themselves and their skin.


As  Kleresca® works at a cellular level and prompts the skin into repair mode, the impact it can have on the signs of premature ageing is significant. Studies have shown that our Kleresca® Skin Rejuvenation Treatment dramatically boosts collagen production by an impressive 400%*. And in doing so, it improves skin texture and natural radiance, reduces pore size, fine lines, and the appearance of scarring. We’ve also seen great success when treating the skin on the hands, neck, and the décolletage which is so susceptible to premature ageing.


Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight But it Will Happen


Of course, any kind of change takes time and effort and in order to see the very best results Kleresca® is capable of, a course of treatments is essential. We’ve found that while results aren’t instant, you will start to see improvements after a number of weeks and that those improvements continue not just throughout treatment but in the weeks that follow your final appointment.

At a pre-treatment consultation, one of our Kleresca®-trained therapists will advise you on a customised treatment plan, detailing the number of treatments you’ll need and how often.

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