What Australian’s really think about the double chin.

by The Laser Clinics Team on March 03, 2018

What Australian’s really think about the double chin.
  • A double chin is a concern for women and men. 

New research conducted on behalf of Allergan Medical Aesthetics (makers of a suite of dermal fillers) has revealed that the double chin is among the top 3 facial problems women feel they have - and the top 4 for men.

In fact, 31% of men with a double chin will grow a beard to hide it!

The survey, Redefine*, explored how more than 3,500 Australians (1,481 women and 2,072 men) aged 20-60 view the rarely discussed but so-important feature of the lower face.

Australians are looking for a double chin solution.

More than half of those with a double chin (56% women, 58% men) have been thinking about treatment options or are actively seeking advice and information on their options.

Top facial appearance concerns among men:

  • Double chin (52%)
  • Bags under the eyes (49%)
  • Drooping mouth or jowls (46%)

Among women:

  • Double chin (66%)
  • General deep wrinkles (65%)
  • Bags under the eyes (59%)

Popular ways people try to mask a double chin:

 1.Avoid selfies

2.Avoid photos altogether

3.Apply make-up to cover the area/highlight other areas of the face

4.Wear clothing to conceal the area (turtle necks, scarves, etc.)

5.Grow a beard to mask the chin and neck area

6.Project the chin when talking to others or posing for a photo

7.Cover chin and neck area with hands in public / when talking to others

8.Avoid looking down in public

9.Avoid mirrors

What’s our awareness like about the double chin?

Australians with a double chin recognise that weight contributes to the issue however less Australians are able to identify ageing and genes as the other main causes of a double chin.

The power of Chin Sculpting as a clinically proven treatment to permanently reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Our non-surgical double chin treatment reduces fat under the chin and contours the neck and jawline via a series of fat dissolving injections.

Every Chin Sculpting treatment is individualised. The number of injections and sessions required varies patient to patient as treatments are personalised to your own anatomy to provide the most effective, customised results.

After an initial consultation of 30 minutes to discuss your expectations and suitability, your personal Chin Sculpting program will begin with two initial sessions of 30-60 minutes each. Sessions are spaced four-six weeks apart and you may require up to six sessions for optimum results. Post treatment downtime will vary, but some swelling and discomfort is normal. Visible fat reduction can be expected in two-four sessions.

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The Redefine online survey was conducted by So What Research in April 2017.