Skin Needling vs Dermal Rolling: What’s the Difference?

by Laser Clinics Team on June 06, 2022

Skin Needling vs Dermal Rolling: What’s the Difference?

People often use skin needling and dermal rolling interchangeably, and because of this there arises some confusion between the two. For one thing, both are forms of micro-needling, as they use tiny needles to address several skin concerns. But which one should you go for?

Laser Clinics will clear up some of the confusion for you:

What is Skin Needling?

Skin needling is a skin treatment that uses sterilized needles that causes small wounds on your face. These needles make small punctures in the top layers of your skin which stimulate collagen and elastin to help your skin look and feel younger. 

This is one of the more affordable treatments to rejuvenate your skin. For those with darker skin tones, needling can benefit as it does not cause hyper-pigmentation usually caused by laser treatments.

The attending doctor or aesthetician will apply numbing cream on your skin so you won’t feel the prickling sensation of the needles. You will have micro-wounds but usually, the doctor will apply cream or serum afterwards.

While this is not a quick fix, you will see the results within a few days to a few weeks.

Benefits of Skin Needling

Some of the benefits of skin needling include:

  • It is minimally invasive and is considered safe for most people in generally good health
  • Skin needling may reduce the appearance of scarring
  • Preparation time takes around two hours so you do not have to take the whole day off from work
  • Also reduces the signs of ageing and stretch marks

What is Dermal Rolling?

Dermal rolling is an at-home form of micro-needling. It uses a paintbrush-like tool with small needs at the end which helps the skin stimulate collagen production.

While similar to skin needling, dermal rolling can be done by the person without any assistance or medical support. You can use a dermal roller in the bathroom after a shower and cleansing stage and before applying serums during your skincare routine.

Benefits of Dermal Rolling

Dermal rollers have roughly the same benefits as skin needling, such as reducing wrinkles, stretch marks, and acne scarring, but one major benefit is that it can be used at home without medical supervision.

The price range of dermal rollers go between $10 to $100 so it depends highly on the person’s budget and requirements. You can also choose between titanium or stainless steel needles - with the former being more durable and the latter being more sterile. Again, this depends on your needs and level of commitment to use dermal rollers.

Which one do you need?

No doubt that choosing between skin needling and dermal rollers can be hard, but here are a few questions for you to help you make a better decision:

Go with skin needling if:

  1. You’re not sure if you can handle a dermal roller yourself
  2. You want to address skin concerns around your eye area, upper lip and around the nose. These are places that standard dermal rollers cannot really reach.
  3. You have the budget for a treatment and can rest for a few days up to a few weeks

Go with dermal rollers if:

  1. You prefer to do it on your own at your own time
  2. You want to save up or don’t have the budget for a skin needling treatment
  3. You would like to use a roller regularly (every other day at the very least)

At Laser Clinics, our skin needling treatment is absolutely safe for you to try and doesn’t break the bank. With the guidance of a trained technician, this treatment is tailored to your needs and concerns - giving you not only a more youthful glow but also a clear and healthy looking skin. Book an appointment with us today.