How to Get the Best Results from Laser Hair Removal?

by Laser Clinics Team on September 01, 2023

How to Get the Best Results from Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is a popular and effective way to bid farewell to unwanted hair, offering long-lasting results and smoother skin. However, achieving the best outcomes requires more than just showing up for your sessions. To make the most of your laser hair removal treatments, consider these valuable tips from Laser Clinics Australia:

Follow Pre-Treatment Guidelines

Leading up to your first session, adhere to pre-treatment guidelines provided by your clinic. At Laser Clinics Australia, we advise our clients to shave the treatment area 12-24 hours before their session, avoid sun exposure or tanning, and refraining from waxing or plucking.

Be Prepared for Multiple Sessions

Understand that laser hair removal usually requires multiple sessions to achieve the best results. The number of sessions varies based on factors like hair colour, thickness, and the area being treated. 

Stay on Schedule

Consistency is key to success. Attend all scheduled sessions without long gaps in between. This ensures that the hair follicles are effectively targeted during their active growth phase.

Follow Post-Treatment Care

After each session, diligently follow the post-treatment care instructions. Laser Clinics Australia recommends applying soothing creams, such as Skinstitut™ Laser Aid for redness and sensitivity, avoiding swimming, excessive sweating, very hot showers, and tight restrictive clothing.

Sun Protection

Protect your treated skin from direct sunlight, especially in the weeks following a session. Sunscreen with a high SPF rating, such as Skinstitut™ Age Defence 50+, is essential to prevent potential skin damage and pigmentation issues.

Consider Maintenance Sessions

Even after achieving your desired reduction in hair growth, periodic maintenance sessions are often recommended to ensure long-term results. Consult with your provider regarding the ideal maintenance schedule.

Following your treatment schedule, and pre and post treatment care is vital in maximising results. It is also important to communicate your overall goals, any skin condition or other concerns with your provider. At Laser Clinics Australia, our trusted team of highly skilled Therapists can recommend a tailored treatment plan based on your skin and hair type, helping you achieve a smooth, hair-free skin. Book a complimentary consultation today!