How Microneedling Works?

by Laser Clinics Team on March 03, 2022

How Microneedling Works?

Skin needling, also known as dermal rolling, is a popular skincare treatment among those who want to reverse the signs of skin ageing. It involves puncturing the skin with tiny needles. But does it really work? Laser Clinic Australia discusses the process and benefits of  skin needling to your skin:

How does it work?

Skin needling is a 30 to 60-minute skin treatment. It works by applying a small roller made of tiny needles to the surface of the skin. The roller creates tiny puncture channels that encourage an organic collagen renewal and regeneration response.

Three phases of wound healing with skin needling treatment:

  1. Inflammatory Phase - After initial wounding caused by piercing the skin, the skin triggers the immune cell to cleanse and heal the wounds and increase blood flow to begin creating new tissue.
  2. Proliferative Phase - Once the wound is clean, it will rebuild new tissue and microscopic blood vessels - also known as granulation tissue - that fills and starts covering the wound during the healing process
  3. Remodelling Phase - When the wound is closed, it is replaced with new dermal tissues and blood vessels. It involves the remodelling and realignment of collagen. Scar tissue flattens, making the epidermal layer of skin denser. 

Benefits of Skin Needling:

The wound healing response of skin needling is what stimulates new collagen and elastin formation. This skin treatment results in firmer skin, plumping out wrinkles, fine lines and acne scars. It also reduces the appearance of pigmentation, enlarged pores, and stretch marks. 

If you want to have improved skin texture, a more even skin tone and an all-around healthy glow, you should highly consider getting Skin Needling treatment in any of our 135 clinics in Australia.  Our highly-trained therapist will create a professional skincare treatment tailored for you. 


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