Enhance Your Treatments at Home with Skinstitut™ Products

by Laser Clinics Team on September 04, 2023

Enhance Your Treatments at Home with Skinstitut™ Products

If you're someone who values skincare and invests in professional skin treatments, you're likely on a quest for radiant and youthful-looking skin. Aside from professional skincare treatments, a consistent skin care routine is essential for achieving your skin goals.

In this blog, Laser Clinics Australia will share some of the Skinstitut™ products that can work wonders in enhancing the results of your skin treatments at home.

  1. The Magic Eraser for Your Skin to Smooth & Invigorate your Skin

Have you ever wished for a magic eraser for your skin? Well, Skinstitut™ Glycolic Scrub 14% comes pretty close! This remarkable product combines physical and chemical exfoliants to give your skin a thorough clean and polish. It works on both the surface and lower layers of your skin, leaving it decongested, hydrated, and calm. 

This multipurpose scrub can help reduce ingrown hairs, remove fake tan and treat bumpy keratosis pilaris on the arms and legs. 

  1. The Next Level Skin Cleanser for Bright and Clear Skin

If you're looking to step up your cleanser game, Skinstitut™ L-Lactic Cleanser is the way to go. This gel-based cleanser not only washes away imperfections but also performs chemical exfoliation. It promotes epidermal shedding and cell turnover, resulting in refined and brighter skin. 

Plus, it's gentle enough for even the most delicate skin types. This cleanser is the perfect stimulating body wash or soak to soothe irritated skin. 

  1. The Game-Changing Serum for Pigmented and Acne-prone Skin

Skinstitut™ Even Blend Serum is a remarkable serum containing AHA Glycolic Acid that specialises in the chemical exfoliation and refinement of your skin. You can apply this first when layering your skincare products. 

Its purpose is to enhance uneven skin tone, address pigmentation, combat age spots, and resolve texture concerns, all while bestowing upon your complexion a luminous and radiant transformation.

  1. The Go-To Daily Sun Protection

Protecting your skin from the harsh Australian sun is a must, and Skinstitut™ Face The Day has you covered with its high-performance, quick-drying, matte SPF 50+. This formula offers daily defence against both UVA and UVB rays, as well as blue light. It's perfect for all weather conditions, and the creamy oil-free formula ensures undetectable coverage. 

  1. The Post-treatment Hero

For those of you who have undergone laser hair removal, Skinstitut™ Laser Aid is your post-treatment hero. This specially formulated product helps soothe and protect your skin after the treatment. It aids in reducing redness and discomfort, ensuring a smoother recovery process.

By incorporating Skinstitut™ products into your skincare routine can greatly enhance the results of your skin treatments at Laser Clinic Australia. These high-quality skincare solutions bring professional-grade care to the comfort of your home, helping you maintain that radiant glow between appointments. 

Book an appointment with us today for a tailored skin treatment plan or visit our website to explore Skinstitut™ products.