Dos and Don'ts Before and After Getting A Facial

by Laser Clinics Team on July 09, 2024

Dos and Don'ts Before and After Getting A Facial

You've finally booked that long-awaited facial. But let’s be honest, sometimes the post-facial reality doesn’t quite match the dreamy spa vibes. Breakouts, irritations or even that dreaded “why didn’t this work?!” feeling can dampen the post-pampering bliss.

But what if we told you there’s a way to maximise your facial results and avoid unwanted surprises? It’s all about knowing the essential dos and don’ts before and after your treatment.

Preparing your skin beforehand and following proper post-care tips can make the difference between a subpar and a truly transformative facial experience. 


Dos and Don’ts Before Your Facial


  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser the night before and the morning of your facial. Doing so removes dirt, oil, and makeup which allows the facial products to penetrate deeper and work their magic.
  • Arrive makeup-free. Your aesthetician needs to see your skin in its natural state to assess your concerns and tailor the treatment properly.
  • Drink enough water in the days before your facial to plump up and hydrate your skin cells. Doing so prepares them for maximum absorption of the nourishing ingredients.
  • Be honest and open to your aesthetician about any skin concerns, allergies, or sensitivities you have. This helps them choose the right products and techniques for your Tailored Treatment Plan.
  • Inform your aesthetician beforehand if you're taking medication that can affect your skin’s sensitivity to prevent potential reactions.



  • Over exfoliate. Avoid harsh scrubs, Cosmetic-Grade Peels, or exfoliating treatments in the days leading up to your session. Your skin needs a break to avoid irritation during the facial.
  • Wax, thread, or undergo hair removal treatments right before your facial to avoid making your skin hypersensitive and irritation-prone.
  • Over-expose your skin to ultraviolet tradition (from tanning beds or sunbathing) at least a week before the facial. Sunburnt or overly tanned skin is more vulnerable to irritation and may not respond well to certain treatments.


Dos and Don’ts After Your Facial


  • Follow your aesthetician’s advice as they know your skin best and will provide personalised recommendations for post-facial care, including what specific products and regimens to follow.
  • Hydrate and moisturise your skin as it may feel slightly dry or tight after a facial.  Use a gentle, hydrating moisturiser to rehydrate and soothe any sensitivity.
  • Shield your skin from the sun by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher daily, even on cloudy days.
  • Resist the urge to touch your face excessively, as this can reintroduce bacteria and irritate the skin.
  • Pay attention to how your skin reacts and feels after the facial. If you experience unusual discomfort or irritation, contact your aesthetician for advice.



  • Skip the sunscreen, as this is a non-negotiable after a facial. The new skin cells are delicate and more susceptible to sun damage, so protecting them is crucial to maintain results.
  • Overdo it by using harsh exfoliants, masks, or active ingredients for at least a few days after your facial. Your skin needs time to recover and may be more sensitive than usual.
  • Wear makeup for at least 24 hours to allow your pores to breathe and your skin to absorb the beneficial ingredients from the treatment.
  • Engage in rigorous physical activity that can cause excessive sweating for at least a day or two. Sweat can irritate freshly treated skin and clog pores.
  • Pick or prod any blemishes or pimples that may appear. This can lead to inflammation, scarring, and even infection. Let your skin naturally heal and if you have concerns, consult your aesthetician for advice.


Your Best Skin Awaits: Maximise Your Facial Glow With Laser Clinics Australia’s Professional Care

Knowing the dos and don’ts before and after your facial is the key to optimising results. Prepare your skin and follow post-treatment care guidelines religiously and you’re sure to enhance your results and minimise any unwanted surprises.

Remember, every facial is a unique experience, and your skin's response may vary. Whether you're indulging in a classic facial, a rejuvenating Hydrojelly™ Advanced Facial, or a deep-cleansing hydrodermabrasion AquaFacial, our team at Laser Clinics Australia will guide you in every step.

Our registered Therapists use the latest techniques and technologies to deliver safe and effective results. They’ll create a Personalised Treatment Plan aligned with your skin’s needs and offer expert advice on pre- and post-facial care. Book a complimentary facial consultation today.