Different Types of Acne Scars

by Laser Clinics Team on February 21, 2022

Different Types of Acne Scars

Getting rid of acne is only one step towards clear skin, as most people deal with some type of scarring afterwards. Fortunately, not all scars are permanent. By identifying the type of acne scars that you have and researching the proper treatments,  you can significantly reduce their appearance. Laser Clinics Australia discusses the different types of acne scars and how to treat them below:

What are the Types of Acne Scars?

  • Rolling scars - If your skin has rolling or wave-like scars, it’s more likely you have rolling acne scars. These scars result from long-term inflammatory acne and can become more visible as you age when your skin loses its natural elasticity.
  • Keloid scars - You may have a keloid scar if the skin is discoloured, bumpy and raised beyond the original wounds. Keloid scars form when the body produces too many cells in the process of healing itself post-inflammation.
  • Boxcar scar - Boxcar scars create an uneven, pitted appearance to your skin. This scar is a round or oval depression with steep vertical sides. It is caused by the loss of tissue on the skin when an inflammatory acne breakout destroys collagen.
  • Ice-pick scars - The skin appears to be as if an ice pick or sharp object has pierced it. This type of scar makes a small, thin, deep hole into the skin - like a large pore, and is developed when skin tissue is destroyed due to infection from a cyst or other deep inflamed skin. 
  • Pigmentation scars - This scar is extremely common for people who have or had acne. It is a discolouration left on the skin after acne is healed, but it isn’t an actual scar. Discolouration of skin depends on the skin type. It may appear pink, red, purple or black. 

How to Treat Acne Scars?

1. Skin Needling

This acne scar treatment is a collagen induction therapy that effectively reduces acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads, and scarring to deliver overall skin rejuvenation.  Our Skin Needling can be performed in two ways—DermalRolling, using the DNC derma roller or Micro-Needling, using the Wireless Tri-M Pen. 

2. Broad Band Light (BBL)

Acne scars can also contribute to pigmentation, so a specific skin treatment like Forever Flawless by BBL Hero will be able to minimise scarring, reduce acne and reverse the signs of pigmentation, as well as other skin concerns.

This sends thermal energy deep into the skin and targets unwanted pigmentation and facial vessels that may add to the reddening or flushing of your skin. This stimulants collagen production and thus restores your youthful radiance.

The treatment usually involves three to four sessions with a month-long interval - and may be complemented with other BBL Hero treatments like Forever Young - so it’s best to plan out your treatment by booking a complimetary consultation with our therapists.

3. Non-invasive procedure

One of our most effective non-invasive facial scar treatments is Kleresca®. It is a scientifically proven technology that uses fluorescent light energy (FLE) to stimulate the skin’s repair mechanisms by penetrating the different layers of the skin. This professional skin care treatment reduces inflammation, increases collagen build-up and normalises cellular activity with high safety and efficacy.

4. Cosmetic Grade Peels

Chemical peels resurface the very top layers of the skin and ensure your skin is left feeling lighter and brighter. Our professional Cosmetic Grade Peels penetrate the layers of the skin, and target cells to treat several skin concerns, including acne scarring, pigmentation, redness, and rosacea, fine lines, and wrinkles.


If you’re dealing with acne scars and have seen no results, don't be discouraged. Laser Clinics Australia can provide you with personalised skincare treatments to visibly reduce the appearance of your scars and reveal rejuvenated skin. Book your free skin consultation today.