7 ways to prevent wrinkles in your 20s

by Nicole Schaerer on January 26, 2018

7 ways to prevent wrinkles in your 20s

One minute you’re 15 years old, staring into the mirror, examining each little blemish and the next? You’re 25, making various facial expressions, to see if that line on the side of your eye is actually a wrinkle. Say what?!

Technically, as a young 20-something, you’re in the heyday of your youth—i.e. you can still get away with 4 hours of sleep without it being written all over your face! So why should you be mindful of reducing wrinkles?

Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process. With age, our skin gets thinner, drier and we lose elastin. The ability for our skin to protect itself is reduced as we age. Eventually, wrinkles, creases and lines form on our skin.

It's not all bad news though! The key to preventing wrinkles is all about starting early. So, what exactly should you be doing?

Well, pretty young thing, here’s your anti-wrinkle checklist.

1.Get to know your skin type and use products that best suit your needs and goals.

Your skin acts in different ways as you age. For most, your skin is very different at age 15 to say, age 25 and it’s important to transition your skin care regime accordingly to achieve the best results. This may include lessening oil production without over-drying, clearing clogged pores and blackheads, and preventing breakouts – all while keeping the skin balanced and hydrated.

A consultation with an LCA skin specialist can help you determine your skin type and appropriate skin treatments to ensure your skin glows. We also stock the leading Skinstitut skincare product range. Australia’s most cost-effective, cosmedical range which only uses the best ingredients from around the world.

2.Drink plenty of water.

Water is a nourishing substance for life and often we take it for granted – some people don’t even tend to think of it in health or anti-aging terms!

Water is essential to keeping the skin soft and smooth. Without enough water, the skin will dry out and lose elasticity, making it more susceptible to wrinkles and aging. Not only is drinking water healthy and helps to combat wrinkles, it can also lead to developing better habits such as drinking less sugar-loaded soft drinks and juices which your skin will definitely thank you for it.

3.Leave them guessing with anti-wrinkle treatments

Cosmetic injectables are all about the prevention of those deeper lines that might bother you. Over time, your skin’s natural ability to protect itself reduces. Muscle contractions and movement leave their mark. Anti-wrinkle injections are a quick, affordable and effective wrinkle treatment to help reduce and prevent wrinkle formation.

Crows feet, forehead lines and frown lines are popular areas for wrinkle treatment. Due to the high use of these muscle areas, we usually develop lines in these regions first. Anti-wrinkle injections help to smooth the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-wrinkles injections are also a fantastic prevention method for reducing future wrinkle development.

Book in for your complimentary consultation at your nearest clinic.

4.Wear sunscreen 365 days a year - rain or shine!

We might sound like a nagging parent, but we cannot stress how important sun protection is! Adequate sun protection is key to prevent aging for young skin.Apply sunscreen every single day of the year, not just when it's sunny!

5.Start using eye cream NOW.

The eye area is the first area to age due to wear and tear from smiling, squinting and rubbing your eyes. Keeping this area hydrated and nourished is essential for preventing premature lines and wrinkles. In your early 20s, use a lightweight creamy/gel consistency eye cream. In your late 20s, start using a more moisturising and active eye cream.

6.Invest in advanced skin treatments and chemical peels.

While maintaining a good at-home skincare routine is essential, your skin will greatly benefit from additional care with professional treatments. Looking tired and sunken in the face is a natural part of the aging process as we lose volume and produce less collagen and elastin. Our range of skin treatments such as Fractional RF, Skin Needling, and Cosmedical Peels can help stimulate your collagen and elastin, while cosmetic injections can instantly plump and relax facial contours.

Together, we can tailor a skin treatment plan that will unveil fresh, glowing skin with great texture and tone.

7.Eat foods rich in antioxidants.

We’re talking leafy green veggies, fruits, anything with Omega-3 (salmon), avocados, nuts, seeds and berries! Why? Antioxidants minimise cell damage and fight aging from the inside, out. They can also help reignite skin’s vitality, vibrancy, and overall healthy look. Therefore, they’re a brilliant approach to reducing wrinkles. Go on, have that smashed avo toast at brunch this weekend!