3 Myths about Toxins in Cosmetic Injectables

by Laser Clinics Team on April 26, 2022

3 Myths about Toxins in Cosmetic Injectables

The word ‘toxin’ is often misunderstood across the cosmetic industry because it may mean something that can harm the body. So when patients read or learn about the ingredients in some skin treatments or cosmetic injectables that contain a toxin, they shy away most of the time.

Laser Clinics Australia is here to dispel some myths about toxins used in procedures and how they can actually benefit in anti-ageing and maintaining your youthful, glowing skin. Read through some common myths and see what treatments best fit your needs.


3 Myths about Toxins in Cosmetic Injectables

Myth #1: Cosmetic injectables are toxic

Truth: Injections are very safe - in small doses. The main role of toxins in cosmetic injectables is to weaken facial muscles in order to have a safe treatment. This then can help to reverse the signs of ageing. Some injectables that help manage facial tics and excessive sweating also use toxins to make the treatment even better. You do not need a large amount of the ingredient for it to be effective.

Myth #2: The side effects and complications outnumber the benefits when using toxins in cosmetic injectables

Truth: It is true that you will encounter side effects after the treatment. Some side effects include swelling, redness and general discomfort. These usually subside after two weeks. To avoid further complications, it is important that you talk to your GP regarding your desire to try cosmetic injectables.

As a general rule, avoid using cosmetic injectables if you are or have:

  • Pregnant or want to become pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Taking antibiotics
  • Had a facial surgery
  • Heart problems

Myth #3: Anyone with a background in cosmetic surgery can give cosmetic injectables to a patient

Truth: Not everyone in the cosmetic industry is trained to administer cosmetic injectables. Be sure to talk to a registered health practitioner who has had training and experience in cosmetic injectables before ultimately deciding on whether to go through this procedure. 

At Laser Clinics Australia, we have a team of Doctors and Registered Nurses who use standard and updated technology to ensure that you leave the clinic refreshed and renewed.

Cosmetic Injectables that are Great for Anti-Ageing

Laser Clinics Australia’s’ line of cosmetic injectables has toxins in the list of ingredients. If you have decided to try out a treatment and your doctors have given you the go signal, you can try out the following depending on your need.

All these treatments and results are tailored to your needs and can be added to your Anti-Wrinkle Treatment.

  1. The Lip Flip

The Lip Flip gives you that luscious lip you’re too scared to ask for. 

At Laser Clinics Australia, the Lip Flip is our entry into the world of lip fillers. As part of your usual frown and crow's feet treatment with toxin, lip flips are a few extra units that act to evert the lip.

Usually, the top lip is our focus, so we work with the muscle around your mouth to pop your lip just a bit to show a little more of the wet part of your lip. This is a simple procedure that lasts 6-8 weeks and does not show dramatic change. Many of our first-time Lip Flip patients go on to be lip filler clients and come out of the clinic with soft, luscious lips using our premium products to achieve a fullness that’s subtle, bold or in-between.

The Lip Flip treatment starts at $69.

  1. The Orange Peel Chin

The Orange Peel Chin addresses the marks on your chin. 

To some, this is an area of the face that can be distracting with its puckering and orange peel-like appearance. This is simple to address with a few units of toxin to achieve smoother skin in that area. 

This is a perfect addition to an anti-wrinkle routine. Many of our clients revel in the smooth surface of their once pocked-marked chin and as well enjoy a period of relaxation all throughout. 

The Orange Peel Chin treatment starts at $69.

  1. The Brow Lift

The Brow Lift is the perfect add-on to your anti-wrinkle treatment. 

The eyes are the windows to the soul, as they say, and adding this to your anti-wrinkle treatment can make your eyes pop. By relaxing the Orbicularis Oculi Muscle, we are able to lift the brows upward. This opens up your eyes, relaxes facial lines and refreshes your look.

The Brow Lift starts at $69.

  1. The Face Slimmer

The Face Slimmer is a popular procedure among women who are concerned with the fullness of their jawline and lower face.

The treatment creates a slim feminine V-shape jawline with targeted Anti-Wrinkle Injections into the masseter muscles. Perfect for those who desire a slimmer and more feminine face shape with a softer jawline.

The Face Slimmer treatment starts at $349.

5. The Bunny Scrunch

The Bunny Scrunch treatment is popular among regular Anti-Wrinkle clients who find their nose frowning!

Wrinkles along the upper nose can be the result of repetitive actions of your muscles in the nose area. This simple add-on option smooths the overlying skin of the nose and completes your fresh look.

The Bunny Scrunch treatment starts at $69.

6. The Gummy Smile

The Gummy Smile treatment can be a life-changer for those who show their gum when they smile.

This is a targeted treatment of the LLSAN muscle which reduces that lift of the upper lip, thereby limiting gum exposure and giving you a fuller-looking lip. This lasts about 6-8 weeks where you will notice subtle changes. Now isn’t that something to smile about?

The Gummy Smile treatment starts at $69.

The next time you think about toxins in cosmetic injectables, think about the results you will get. Veer away from the myths surrounding these safe and effective treatments, especially when done by a trained team from Laser Clinics Australia. Book an appointment today and see the difference tomorrow.