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Natasha Russell

RN NMW0002448258

With over four years of dedicated nursing experience, predominantly in the Intensive Care Unit, I bring a unique blend of precision, compassion, and expertise to every client interaction. My passion lies in understanding each client's desires and crafting personalised treatments that highlight and enhance their natural beauty. I pride myself on delivering subtle, individualised results that accentuate unique features.

At the heart of my practice is a commitment to providing holistic care, with open and honest consultations and treatments aimed at empowering and exciting clients. My ultimate goal, is to leave every client feeling not just satisfied, but truly empowered and excited about their journey to self-enhancement.

With my experience in the ICU, we witness patients during their most fragile moments, and through medication, we observe their bodies recover. While I deeply appreciate this work, my desire is to assist individuals in feeling their best consistently, whether by boosting their confidence, self-esteem, or nurturing their inner beauty.

Outside the clinic, you'll often find me enjoying time at the park with my dog or unwinding at a winery with my partner.