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Melinda Gillies

RN NMW0001229758

Melinda boasts an extensive 32-year nursing career, with the initial 25 years primarily spent in operating rooms encompassing a diverse range of specialties such as ENT, plastics, orthopedics, trauma, anesthetics, and cardiac transplant. Her profound dedication to the field, coupled with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, guided her transition into the realm of cosmetic injectables seven years ago. This shift was sparked by her fascination with injectable treatments and their transformative potential, particularly for trauma and cancer surgery patients.

Melinda's time at LCA has been ongoing since 2020. Furthermore, she has embraced the role of an LCA Endorsed Trainer, blending her dedication to non-surgical cosmetic enhancements with her commitment to education.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Melinda finds solace in literature and cycling during her leisure time, these activities bring serenity and tranquility in her life.