Two Treatments to Address Crow’s Feet

by Laser Clinics Team on June 13, 2022

Two Treatments to Address Crow’s Feet

Getting fine lines and wrinkles across your face is common, and can happen at any age, but shouldn’t always be the case. One type of fine lines people often get is Crow’s Feet or the appearance of three lines around the corners of your eyes. Crow’s Feet is also called smile lines or character lines and often come in threes - hence the name - and can appear as fine or deep lines. This makes your face look older than it is.

Laser Clinics Australia gives you more information about Crow’s Feet and how to manage them with the right skin treatment or procedure.

Main Causes of Crow’s Feet

Around your eye, there is a muscle called the orbicularis oculi muscle which is used for actions like blinking and squinting and is also activated when you do facial expressions like smiling or frowning. When this muscle starts working, it tightens around the eye and causes Crow’s Feet to form over time.

But a bigger reason why Crow’s Feet appear is because of the loss of skin elasticity and collagen in addition to doing too many facial expressions. As collagen production slows down when you age, facial expressions will result in more evident, and sometimes deeper, lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

Sun damage, hormonal and environmental changes, as well as free radicals, can also contribute to elasticity loss and thus to Crow’s Feet.

How to Manage Crow’s Feet

While we don’t want to advise stopping yourself from expressing your emotions on your face, we do want to help you look youthful as you communicate how you feel.

You can apply anti-ageing eye creams at home to prevent deep lines surrounding your eyes. But when that doesn’t work, there are two skin treatments which address this concern.

Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetic Injectables

We at Laser Clinics Australia tailor our anti-wrinkle treatments based on your needs. And with a team of highly trained doctors and registered nurses, you’ll look fresh and rejuvenated in just a few sessions. Our Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetic Injectables are a non-invasive treatment to help reduce any wrinkle formation, including Crow’s Feet. It’s also affordable and quick with visible results within 2-7 days.

Anti-Wrinkle Injectables work in a way that they stop the signal between the nerve and muscle. When movement is reduced, this puts less stress on your skin and gives your face that youthful appearance. 

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Dermal Fillers

On the other hand, you can also opt for dermal fillers that not only reduce the severity of fine lines and wrinkles but also enhance your natural features coupled with a refreshed look.

Compared to anti-wrinkle treatments, which are in essence muscle relaxants, dermal fillers re-hydrate and improve the volume and fullness of your skin with almost instant results. They’re made from a natural sugar component that is already present in our bodies, dermal fillers simply replicate the function of the sugar to address your skin concerns.

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Which treatment is the best to address Crow’s Feet?

If Crow’s Feet are your main concern and you have no other wrinkles to worry about, you can book a package just for Anti-Wrinkle Injectables. If you want to enhance the volume of your skin, we recommend getting a dermal filler. 

However, if you’re targeting more than just your Crow’s Feet to make the most of our treatments, you can talk with our medical team about a combination of both of these treatments.

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