Tips on Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

by Laser Clinics Team on January 30, 2022

Tips on Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular procedure due to its safe, effective and permanent way of removing unwanted hair. If you’re considering this convenient and cost-effective option, it is important to understand the procedure’s process. Laser Clinics Australia shares helpful tips in preparing yourself for your first laser hair removal treatment:


1. Avoid waxing and plucking

Laser hair treatment works by targeting the hair roots, so you must not wax or pluck four weeks leading up to your appointment.  Instead, you can shave the treatment area at least 12-24 hours before the day of your treatment to keep the pigment in the hair follicles. 


2. Avoid direct sun exposure

Stay out of the sun before your laser hair removal. Avoid exposing the area for treatment two weeks before your procedure and always protect your skin with sunscreen. You should also avoid tanning or sunless tanning products to prevent the risk of skin lightening and other side effects. If you have a tan, ensure no residue of natural or fake tan is present on the skin before scheduling your treatment. 


3. Check your skincare regimen

Bathing before the appointment is good but do not apply any makeup or topical creams like moisturisers, serums or perfumes. These substances can cover the skin, blocking the laser’s ability to target the hair follicles. You should also avoid chemical peels or laser resurfacing treatments at least four weeks before your treatments.


4. Cleanse and Exfoliate

Make sure to cleanse the skin for treatment on the day of your laser hair removal session. You can also exfoliate the skin at the treatment area at least three days before the appointment. You may opt not to apply deodorant as it will be removed prior to the session. 


5. Wear comfortable clothing

Avoid wearing tight or abrasive clothing because it may feel uncomfortable after the laser hair removal. Make sure to wear loose-fitting or clothes that expose the treated area so that the soothing topical cream won’t get on to your clothing. 


6. Consult with a reliable clinic

Lastly, choose a trusted clinic for your permanent hair removal treatment.  By consulting with an experienced and reliable clinic, you prevent any complications or skin irritations, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

At Laser Clinics Australia, our highly-trained Therapists will consider your skin and hair type before creating a personalised laser hair removal plan tailored to you. We are the largest global cosmetic clinic company, and we use the best medical-grade, industry-leading technology to get the best results for our clients.


Guided with all these tips, you’re ready for your first laser hair removal session. Get your personalised treatment - book your complimentary consultation with us today