Meet Dr. Nico Foley

by Laser Clinics Team on August 10, 2023

Meet Dr. Nico Foley

Join us in this Q&A session as Dr. Nico Foley candidly shares her motivations for entering the world of medicine, her evolving injecting style, and her unwavering dedication to patient-focused care.

Tell us about yourself

I'm a cosmetic doctor, having worked with LCA since 2017 in various capacities; as an Injector, Prescriber, Adverse Event management, Board Member on the Medical Advisory Committe and most recently in the role of Interim Medical Director. I've done my time in the hospital, mainly in Emergency Medicine at St Vincent's Hospital at Darlinghurst (which was exciting to say the least), and prior to my life as a doctor I was a Fertility Scientist for 4 years with one of the leading IVF clinics in Australia.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

(What spare time, haha) I honestly like doing the simple things; spending time with family and friends, I've learned to cook more since Covid and I've always been very into making my home beautiful and warm (I'm a mad renovator and homebody). I always like to get away for a quick ski trip in the winter which I've loved all my life - my very first job after I left school was a Ski Instructor overseas in Austria, and also back home in Thredbo!

Why did you get into Medicine?

I love medicine and value the clinical experience for the patient. Patient care and compassion was an important skill I developed working in the field of fertility so I elected to follow a more patient-focused pathway into medicine to enhance that aspect of my work.

How long have you been injecting and how has your injecting style changed throughout the years?

I've been injecting for 6 years with my injecting style reflective of my level of learning stage throughout my career. Initially I was cautious and needing to push myself to learn and practice new techniques and products. As I have become more comfortable and experienced, my practice has definitely taken on a more moderated approach; I believe in identifying my patient's goals and working towards them at a comfortable pace, with the aim to make small positive changes over the course of time, rather than a huge change in one sitting. That way I can work with my patients to find out what they've loved and what they haven't had as much success with, so that they end up with the best outcome suited to them in the long run. For me, trust and integrity are the most important part of the clinical relationship, so I approach every person with this front of mind.

What is your favourite product to inject or your favourite area to treat?

I do love them all! I get the most satisfaction when I treat someone's concern effectively and we can both see the results immediately. Sometimes this can be more emotional for everyone involved than I would have thought, and I get great satisfaction from being a part of that.

How would you describe your philosophy of care?

Trust, integrity, safety, efficacy, empowerment, honesty and simplicity. When all of those elements work together, I end up with happy patients who have been empowered by the correct information for them, delivered in the most simple and effective way.

What do you like most about being a Cosmetic Injector?

I love the human aspect of my work. I spend time getting to know my patients, so I can fit any recommendations to their needs. Every treatment is part of a person's larger life and the more I get to know about that the better the outcomes I can deliver and the more fulfilling my days are.

What does it mean to be the LCG Medical Director?

I am fortunate to work with a company whose values align with my own professional values, so to me this role is about enhancing those mutually, in the context of ensuring a safe clinical environment with effective treatments. My overall goal is to empower each and every person involved in clinical care at LCA, both behind the scenes and in clinics, with the knowledge and support to effectively treat our patients, limit side effects and maximise those positive results we all seek.