Glow with Pride this Mardi Gras Season

by Laser Clinics Team on January 30, 2022

Glow with Pride this Mardi Gras Season

One of the most exciting and biggest pride celebrations is almost here. If you're attending this year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras to support the LGBTQI+ community and express yourself, here’s what you can do to feel beautiful and shine:

Skin Treatments Few Days before Mardi Gras

  • Get an instant glow with Microdermabrasion

Look and feel at your best during this year’s Mardi Gras with our 5-Step Microdermabrasion. With no downtime, you can get this treatment a few days before the event. It gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells, rejuvenating your skin for an instant glow.

  •  Show off your confident skin with Advanced Facials

Stand out from the crowd by being confident with your skin. Our advanced facial treatments are combinations of our most powerful treatments and complemented by our skincare products to deliver results that are tailored to your skin concerns. 

Skin Treatments Few Weeks before Mardi Gras

  • Shine brighter with Forever Clear BBL

If you want to improve your confidence by having clear skin, our Forever Clear BBL treatment is for you. This cutting-edge acne treatment uses the power of light to comfortably and effectively clear acne without creams or medicine.

With no downtime, Forever Clear by BBL Hero directly kills acne-causing bacteria on the face and back, leaving your skin clear, calm, and healthy.

  • Polish-up with Cosmetic Grade Peels

A few weeks before the epic Mardi Gras celebration, you might want to improve the appearance of your skin to feel more confident. With just one visit, our professional Cosmetic Grade peels can repair and polish your skin. It includes Calm and Hydrate Peel, Clear and Bright Peel, Anti-Ageing Peel, and Advanced Brightening and Clearing Peel that help treat various skin discolouration like age spots, acne scars, and freckles. 

Skin Treatments for next year’s Mardi Gras

  • Enhance your natural features with Dermal Fillers 

Shine brighter at this year’s Madri Gras by showing off your best features. Dermal Fillers can help you refresh, lift and add symmetry to your chin, jawline, or lips. This non-surgical treatment achieves subtle enhancement to your natural facial shape by adding volume and smoothening out wrinkles and creases to the targeted area.

This treatment will help give you a refreshed and youthful look, making you more confident in meeting people and participating in one of the world’s biggest celebrations. 

  • Perfect your pout with Lip Enhancement

Lips are a defining feature of your face, allowing you to express yourself. However, lips are also the first to show signs of ageing. Lip enhancements such as lip injections and fillers can help you restore your lips' volume, hydration, and structure. 

This treatment can also address your concerns regarding fine lines in the mouth area or create plump lips for those with thin or poorly shaped lips, allowing you to feel more beautiful and show off your fuller lips. 

  • Feel more confident with Laser Hair Removal

Mardi Gras demonstrates the power of passion, creativity, and community. If you want to create a show-stopping look wearing fabulous costumes, you might want to consider getting  Laser Hair Removal. This permanent hair reduction treatment will allow you to enjoy the freedom of wearing any outfit and show off your festival-ready skin. 

Whether you’re participating in the fearless parade or attending the fairs and activities, Laser Clinics Australia has the best skin treatments to prepare you for the festival. We can create a tailored treatment plan for you regardless of your beauty goals or skin concerns. Book for a consultation today or buy online to start preparing your skin for a vibrant, glowing celebration.