Gift Great Skin This Christmas

by InStyle on December 19, 2022

Gift Great Skin This Christmas

This festive season, we have a new manifesto: be the gifter you want to see in the world.

The best presents are the kind that walk the line between fancy and functional – something a bit luxurious that you might not typically buy for yourself, and practical enough that it won’t end up collecting dust in a cupboard. And in 2022, what better nails the brief than a skincare treatment?

A high-performance facial will give tired skin a noticeable refresh at the end of a long year, and if all you want for Christmas is to reach your skin goals, chances are at least some of your loved ones feel the same.

So ditch the lip balms dressed as baubles and cross off your list with our edit oftransformative facial treatment gift packs (there are no laws against booking an appointment for yourself, either).

If they need: 2023’s answer to the Hydrafacial
Gift them the: The Aquafacial

We’re all 110 per cent ready for a little rest and rejuvenation right now, and news flash: our faces feel the same. Luckily, a complete reset is exactly what the ‘Aquafacial’ provides. Heroing a fancy technology named ‘hydrodermabrasion’ and using four different handpieces to work its wizardry, the Aquafacial delivers a professional-grade deep cleanse, an exfoliating triple acid peel, an infusion of potent serums, plus a calming, cooling step to finish.

It’s an all-rounder treatment that any skin type would benefit from, but blessedly it can be personalised to fit specific skin goals and needs. Choose between options ranging from collagen-boosting and reverse-ageing to hydrating and anti-pollution, depending on the complexion in question.

Even better news? It’s on sale this December. There’s no better time to gift good skin (for you and a friend).

If they need: a power glow-up
Gift them the: Hydrojelly™ Advanced Facial

Didn’t think you could treat your skin to microdermabrasion, a mask, and LED light therapy in one booking? Allow the Hydrojelly™ Advanced Facial to slash that assumption. These masks not only feel like heaven on the skin, but are seriously effective. Plus, anything with the ‘peel-off’ factor scores top points for being sensorially superior.

The mask is bookended by two other treatments: express microdermabrasion (to clear the canvas and prime skin for maximum mask absorption) and yellow LED light therapy (to soothe and rejuvenate).

Your therapist will help you tailor your treatment to your skin’s personal cravings. Your only responsibility? Lie back and reap the benefits of the targeted mask tackling everything from radiance-revival to resilience-building via your choice of Illuminating, Anti-Ageing, Correcting, or Purifying Hydrojelly.

If they need: a fresh start in facial form
Gift them the: Expert Firming Facial

We may be closing out yet another year, but your face – or the face of a lucky giftee – will be looking just as youthful as it was last holiday season (or even the one before) with an Expert Firming Facial. The goal? To address multiple signs of ageing in a transformative three-pronged treatment.

It kicks off with five-step custom microdermabrasion, which is every bit the cell turnover overachiever it sounds like. It’ll nix congestion and uneven texture (think blemishes, fine lines, and dead skin cells), breaking down the barrier that stops the good stuff (skincare) getting where it needs to go to make an actual difference.

Next up? A little yellow LED action, which is all about healing. Getting to work at a cellular level, it kick-starts healthy and speedy skin recovery. Last comes the Expert Revitalise Hyaluronic Jelly Mask, a treatment with benefits across the board. Hydration, radiance, and elasticity will all see a significant uplift; the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will go the other way (downward); and overall firmness will reach new highs.

If they need: the smoothing and soothing experience of their dreams
Gift them the: Revive & Repair Skin Package

Thought nothing could sound better than the last treatment? Too right you are; it’s hard to top. That’s why this one simply switches out the mask on the menu (swapping in a soothing sheet mask) to cater to other complexions. Some people just aren’t jelly-mask people, and that’s okay.

Harnessing the efficacious abilities of the same congestion-clearing microdermabrasion and healing-promoting yellow LED light therapy, the treatment leaves skin smooth and soothed by the time the Skinstitut Quick-Fix Sheet Mask hits. And boy, when it hits, will it work wonders.

Your therapist will recommend the right mask for your skin goals, with Calming, Brightening, Anti-Ageing and Hydrating options are all on the menu.

If they need: something perfectly personalised
Gift them a: gift card

If picking out a treatment for a loved one is too tricky because A) you’re tempted to book it based on what you want and show up yourself, and B) you want to guarantee it’s tailor-made for them, remember that gift cards are the GOAT for a reason.

Grab and gift however many you need and ensure your friends and family have the merriest (and by merriest, we mean glowiest) holiday season of all.