A Guide to Male Laser Hair Removal – Back, Crack and...

by The Laser Clinics Team on September 24, 2018

A Guide to Male Laser Hair Removal – Back, Crack and...

Manscaping has become a rite of passage of sorts. Whether you’re in the all-off camp, or you simply prefer a tidy trim, the question remains: How much is too much? How much is not enough? And, just how manscaped do ladies want their man…?


The go-to men’s masthead AskMen.com asked just that of their female counterparts. The answers revealed that 80% of femmes go for “good grooming, regular haircuts and daily shaves”, while 83% of ladies like a neat bum, 75% would prefer men to trim their back hair, and 40% like a chest trim. As for the family jewels, 60% of casual daters were a ‘yes’ to trimming. Talk about a majority.

So, gents: here’s everything you wanted to know about laser hair removal but were too afraid to ask.

So, where to laser?

You can laser (just about) anywhere. Your chest, your back, your face, your neckline, as well as – ahem – downstairs. Front and back. As fun as it sounds, you don’t have to go all the way – you can use laser to simply reduce the amount of hair, or you can go the distance and go for the clean-skin look.

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Laser’s got your back.

As you get older, too, things change. Hair grows like lantana, taking over areas that used to be pristine. Your back and your shoulders and the back of your neck are the most likely victims of reforestation thanks to your testosterone levels. Taking care of your back hair can either really up your yoga skills or see you asking your special someone for assistance. Either way, it’s a punishing act you’ll have to keep on repeat. Why not leave it to the professionals, and save pulling a muscle or putting unnecessary pressure on your relationship?

Get rid of the itch.

In trying to tame that manly regrowth, no doubt you shave or wax. No doubt, too, you have to do battle on a daily basis with painful ingrown hairs and all that goes along with them. A simple round of laser will help you say sayonara to ingrown hairs and their sidekicks.

Stay in shape.

Laser hair removal can also help to shape your beard, so you will never have to do it while you’re rushing out in the morning. Same goes for downstairs. Safety first, always. And when it comes to the chest, it’s a case of choose your own adventure. Throw your own shapes out there – you can go for the tree – that’s all on your chest and a light snail trail, or for the ‘top heavy’ – hair on top and a smooth stomach. Another classic ‘the rug’ – as favoured by the likes of The Hoff and Magnum PI.


And as for downstairs…


Here’s where it gets interesting. First up, your bum. This means that when the suns out, you’re free to get those buns out. A male Brazilian (that’s all off, gents) may be bold, but if this is your preference, it’s better than braving the razor down there. Or, if you’re looking for a cleaner look, go for ‘the snail’ – this is an all-off affair with the exception of the snail trail. It’s about confidence. Whether you’re at an unexpected sleepover or have been asked to pose for a life drawing class, laser hair removal means no more hairy scenarios.

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