5-Step Microdermabrasion reviews

by The Laser Clinics Team on June 04, 2018

5-Step Microdermabrasion reviews

The 5-Step Microdermabrasion is one of our most popular treatments. It’s known as being the humble all-rounder that can be relied on by anyone, with any skin concern.

But instead of blasting the benefits ourselves, we went out and asked our clients about their Micro treatment experience.

The question we asked?

What are the skin concerns you use our 5-Step Microdermabrasion for?

Here are their 5-Step Microdermabrasion reviews…

“I was regularly breaking out and had dry, dull skin from shift work. I have a 5-Step Microdermabrasion every 2-4 weeks. I’ve found my skin getting better and better. It’s silky soft, free from breakouts and my dry patches have also minimised. I also love using the Skinstitut™products at home. My skin has come a long way in the past 5 months thanks to advice from the lovely LCA team, using the Skinstitut™ products and the regular Micros.”  – Jamie-Lee Susan

“I live off Micros and now my skin has no acne, no redness, nothing it’s absolutely clear! And the Yellow LED Light Therapy treatment is a lifesaver too.” – Abby Highett

“I've had the 5 Step Microdermabrasion twice and I really liked it. The first time was especially vigorous, and my skin felt deeply clean afterward. The results were noticeable; my skin looked fresher, brighter and newer. It's a treatment that gives instant results. ✔️ My favourite part is the exfoliation. The machine is significantly more effective than any scrub. I was so impressed that I prepaid 6 more treatments when they came on special and will use them monthly.” – Jane Torrens

“I love the 5-Step Microdermabrasion! It’s one of my absolute favs (along with the Anti-Ageing Peel). I use it for blackheads and pores. It really tightens my pores and is able to get rid of my blackheads. And the glow afterward is amazing  It also helps with breakouts, redness and inflammation. It's also so gentle on the skin. I suffer from sensitive skin, mainly dermatitis and eczema, and I find the 5-Step Microdermabrasion does not irritate me at all. It's a must try! You will love it!! ” - Alyce Hill

“Amazing! Had it done yesterday and the girl who looked after me was great! My skin feels fab!” – Braden Stewart

“Just had my first one done and saw great results.” – Katie Howell

“I love 5-Step Microdermabrasions! 🖤 They help to clear the build-up of blocked pores over the nose and under the cheeks!! It helps everything become so much softer and smoother!! I love getting the addition of the Enzymatic Micro Peel too.” – Alice May

“Love it. My skin looks refreshed and smooth.” – Marijana Jansen

“Omg, I seriously can’t stop touching my face after my Micro AND how good is the glow afterwards - just apply lip gloss! ✨ ” – Alexis Jordan

“After recovering from Advanced Brightening and Clearing Peel (amazing treatment!) I had my 5-Step Micro and my skin looked 10 years younger!😍” - Lisey

“I have been having Micros for years. I love how the LCA 5-Step Microdermabrasion makes my skin clean, soft and glowing. I always follow with a LED Light Therapy treatment. It’s my thing.🌟” – Jenni