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AHA Enzymatic Micro Peel

It's waking up bright every day.

A gentle micro-exfoliating treatment that’s designed to soothe, hydrate and micro-exfoliate dry, flaking and sensitive skin. 

At Laser Clinics Australia we use state-of-the-art GentleLase Pro lasers to perform the treatment and are experienced in the reduction of superficial pigmentation delivering fantastic results.

Laser Pigmentation Removal works to safely and effectively reduce the appearance of freckles, pigmentation and post-trauma pigmentation including acne scars and age spots. The laser targets only the pigmented lesion in the skin which absorbs the light, without damaging the surrounding skin. The laser heats up and shatters the pigment. The pigment is then drawn to the surface without harming the surrounding tissue.
Once drawn to the surface, the pigmented lesions will fade or dry and flake off the treated area, leaving the skin with an even tone and complexion.


No sun exposure 2 weeks prior and use of Skinstitut Age Defence SPF 50+ sunscreen.

Due to state government regulations, the following prerequisites apply for clients in QLD, WAS & TAS:

  1. Consultation is required before booking a treatment to determine suitability/expectations.
  2. Client must have a skin check with a Doctor prior to treatment to ensure there are no abnormal lesions.
  3. A clearance letter needs to be obtained from the Doctor and provided to the clinic prior to treatment, during the LCA consultation.


Any pigmentation removal treatments that use medical grade lasers can expect a mild discolouration of pigment before it heals after just a few days.

The treated area may also become more sensitive to sun exposure. As always, sun protection is key.  

LED Light Therapy Results

For your best results

Team Laser Pigmentation Removal with the Yellow LED Light Therapy treatment to fast-track the breakdown of the pigment through stimulation of the lymphatic system. Other benefits of the LED include stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and it leaves the skin more radiant and youthful.

We recommend Skinstitut Laser Aid, Age Defence SPF 50+, Evenblend & Vitmain C to help maintain the results of your pigmentation removal treatment.

Buy any 3 Skinstitut products for $109 or any 5 for $159. Available at all clinics.

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