3 double chin hacks that will make you LOL

by Nicole Schaerer on March 06, 2018

3 double chin hacks that will make you LOL

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Worried about a double chin? 

After spotting a photograph we don’t like or accidentally switching our phone to front camera…

*cue this reaction*

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…we might start wondering more about the double chin and why it’s decided to set up shop.

In our quest for answers, we might even be guilty of a little Google search such as ‘how to get rid of a double chin’ and chances are, if you’ve done that, you’ve come across the below double chin ‘remedies’…

1. Chin exercises

Neck exerciser, chin exerciser whatever you want to call those plastic contraptions, they do not work! They just make you look crazy.

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2. Chewing gum

Some people think that chewing gum can help to reduce a double chin. Excessively chewing gum can actually cause problems like jaw pain, headaches and an upset stomach. You’ve been warned.


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3.  Face Yoga

Face yoga is a series of exercises that promise to do for your face what yoga does for your body: relax and tone muscles. Are one of your eyebrows raised as you read this? Yeah, surely it’s not a thing.


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Forget the above double chin hacks because …they’re rubbish and they’re not scientifically proven to reduce the fat cells found in the chin area.

For a treatment that actually works to reduce your double chin, try LCA’s Chin Sculpting. Using a series of fat dissolving injections, Chin Sculpting destroys fat cells under the chin and works to contour the neck and jawline.

Before & After 2 treatments of Chin Sculpting


The number of injections and sessions required varies between patients as treatments are personalised to your own anatomy to provide the most effective, customised results. You’ll typically start with two initial sessions of 30-60 minutes each. Sessions are spaced 4-6 weeks apart and some patients may require up to 6 sessions for optimum results.

Best of all, Chin Sculpting is a permanent fat reduction treatment which means that in most cases, re-treatment is not needed. We recommend 1 singular maintenance treatment every 4-5 years.